The philosophy behind the making of all the Pinna Fidelis wines is that of taking the particular features of a growing area, which has its own special mix of climate and landscape, and turning them into wines that are not only potent and well-structured but also fine and elegant.

The grapes pass through a rigorous selection process before maceration lasting between 20 and 35 days. Once the malolactic fermentation has finished, the new wine is placed into barrels without any prior treatments.


The barrel room, like all our facilities, is equipped with temperature and humidity controls which, together with the best selection of new, American and French oaks, help to further enrich the characteristics of our wines. It is here that they gain an unsurpassable symphony of sensations and the outstanding, exclusive personality that is the hallmark of everything we produce at Pinna Fidelis.

The work of filling and racking barrels is non-stop, and the barrel room is the heart of the winery, where the great wines are prepared.

After spending its due time in the barrel, the wine goes on to clarification before being bottled.


After having put into practice the age-old wisdom of this wine growing region, our wines complete their creation period with a process of ageing in the bottle which lasts for at least 3 months for Joven wines, 12 months for the Crianzas, 24 months for Reservas and 36 months for Gran Reservas. From here, they become the starting point for a coupage of sensations as their perfect balance of many nuances can now be enjoyed.