Pink barrel fermented 2014



Technical data:

Harvesting: hand-picked with selection of grape bunches.
Variety: 100% Tinta del País.
Time in the barrel: variable, according to the year: 4-10 months (new French oak casks)
Degrees: 13.5% proof.
Special production of 6-10 barrels, in numbered bottles.

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Harvesting and production

The harvesting is performed by hand, selecting the best grape bunches at the perfect moment of ripening.
Once the grapes were harvested and placed in vats, the must was macerated in cold with the skins for 12 hours. The must obtained from this process was placed in new French oak casks.

There, the alcoholic fermentation was carried out and subsequently it was kept in the same casks for 4-10 months, according to the year.

During the aging process in the barrel, it remained in contact with the lees, the battonage (removed from the lees) carried out and the barrels refilled periodically.
Finally, it was clarified and bottled.

Tasting data
Visual phase: strawberry red, clean, bright and glyceric.
Olfactory phase: high intensity aroma, ripe fruit, wood and slight toasted notes.
Tasting phase: good acidity, strong and pleasant,
rounded and complex.

Recommendations for consumption
We recommend leaving the wine to settle briefly in the glass to enable the wine to breathe and acquire all its potential and complexity.
Serve at about 10ºC.

Bottling information

Container: special 75 cl. bottle
Colour: colourless


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